free your darlings

Published: 2022-05-30

About Free your darlings

For me Free Your Darlings is about letting go of my favourite ideas by sharing them online. The main objective is to get as many of them as possible realized. With or without my involvement. I don’t have time or money to follow them through. So letting the ideas free is as I see it the only chance I have to realize at least some of them. This might even be a better way to get ideas out there. Let’s create a buzz and demand online and we can circumvent business policies, marketing strategies and other usual blockers. Best part is, everyone can help, you can help. Sharing a link or commenting on an idea goes a long way.

The ideas could be about anything but most of them are tech related.
Most ideas are tech related but could be about anything. A lot of the ideas are about solving problems I run into but also about escaping reality and experiencing alternate realities.

If the idea is about something I know well I will publish it with a project plan and a budget to give it a push and make it easier for someone to pick it up and refine it. Sometimes I don’t have a clue and the idea is more of a wish or an open question. In those cases I’m hoping for constructive feedback. After that the articles might be updated with a project plan or just a comment why it would not work.

I’m not saying my ideas are unique. I’m just writing about what is in my head; others might have had the same ideas. It happens a lot. I have no intention of infringing on any patents or claim something is my idea. If I write about something it just means I have not seen anything like it and that I could not easily find it on Google.

I would love to be involved in refining or developing the ideas on some higher level in discussions and feedback on the progress. I cannot really concentrate on the same thing for very long so staying with just one idea is really hard for me. Of course it would be nice to somehow benefit financially from my ideas but I understand that sharing my ideas like this comes with no guarantees. I can only wish that If you would become rich from any of my ideas please think of me and send some money my way.

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/ Michael Uvnäs