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Published: 2022-08-11

Chemtrails - The computer game

Defend your 5G mast against protesters

The basic gameplay idea is very simple. You have built a 5G mast. People living nearby have read on the Internet that 5G is dangerous so they are trying to reach the mast and destroy it. Your mission is to protect the mast. By laying out chemtrails in the sky you can make it rain mind controlling chemicals. If the chemicals hit the people moving towards your mast it will make them change their mind and go back home. On more difficult levels the protesters will start wearing tin foil hats and use countermeasures that make them more resistant to your chemicals.

I use very old 4 colour (CGI) PC graphics to illustrate the gameplay. The game does not have to look like this. I was just very inspired by the 1982 Paratrooper game when I came up with this idea. This game is actually a touch device game. You simply swipe the part of the sky where you want to lay your trail. The raining starts immediately and you have to calculate wind speed and walking speed of the people on the ground to make sure you hit them. Once more than four people have reached the mast they are strong enough to destroy it. Game over!

You have unlimited chemicals but they will refill slowly so you also have to consider how much you use all the time. If you can keep protesters away for 30 seconds the level is won and you move on to the next.

Except for the nostalgia part, I think this very simple design and large pixels could actually benefit the gameplay. If you can see the pixels the experience of hit or miss is more distinct. But whoever takes on this idea can decide what the design should be.


Try out the Paratrooper game as it was when I played it as a kid, or read about chemtrails on Wikipedia

Project plan

Chemtrails - The computer game

It is really tempting to put together super simple games like this on my own. But instead I will focus on this blog and get as many projects as possible out. Being able to code this myself means I can provide a fairly exact project plan and budget. New design for the game is optional in this plan. Updating the design probably also means updating 1982 PC beeping sounds, so sounds are also optional in the project plan.

Send me an email if you are interested in helping with this project. I can update this article and connect you with others who are interested too.

15% Done
  • Present idea
  • Outline gameplay
  • Design game and create sketches
  • Convert sketches to sprites and pixel graphics
  • In game sounds and music (optional)
  • Code game engine
  • Release app


I base this budget on Swedish developers hourly rates and technologies that I know and can estimate the work effort in. Might not be the most effective, but it is what I know. I'm also taking into account that releasing the app is a very time consuming task since React Native as well as Google and Apple release procedures are more complicated then should have to be in 2022.

  • Setting up React Native project and keeping it up to date $800
  • Sprites and graphics $1600
  • Game engine $2400
  • Start and info screens $800
  • Sounds and music $1600
  • Testing $800
  • Release app on Google play and in Apple App store $2400
  • Total $11200