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Published: 2022-08-15

Drawbridge Godzilla

I'm not really into pranks, but I find this toilet monster prank hilarious. Open the lid and this guy pops up. Silly but funny. I would like to create a jumbo version of this. Based on the same principle I would like to attach a giant Godzilla or King Kong to a drawbridge. Some sort of helium filled giant puppet that pops up in front of the waiting cars as the bridge opens.

I guess a lot of permits will be needed. A lot of planning as well so that traffic can still run smoothly and safely. Finding the right bridge will be crucial for functionality but also to maximize the visual effect. The setting and surroundings have to match and the speed with which the bridge opens has to be right. Too slow will ruin the element of surprise.

The puppet could be anything from a Pokemon like character to a classic King Kong ape or Godzilla. Regardless of design, a meticulous attention to details is key or it will just look like a hot air balloon got stranded under the bridge. Let's involve a movie prop maker in the project. Details like moving eyes and smoke coming out of the nostrils could be a nice touch. To get funding why not time this project with the next monster movie release. A Rampage, Godzilla or King Kong style movie would be perfect. Hollywood gets to decide which bridge monster to go for. Hopefully a powerful backer like a movie studio will make it easier to get all the necessary permits as well.

Finding the right bridges could start as just Internet research but eventually it will be a matter of going to the locations and check the conditions and take photos / videos for the 3D rendering. Adam Savage from the Myth Busters TV show comes to mind as the perfect prop maker for the project. Nowadays he has a show where he is building stuff and he also has tons of experience in movie prop making. 3D renders is a great way to pitch the project, just don't leak them on TikTok. Actually going through with this project is what makes it cool. The bridge experience has to be a complete surprise and then it can go viral on TikTok. Imagine the surprise when you sit in your car and stare Godzilla in the eyes.


Drawbridge Godzilla

5% Done
  • Present the idea (this article)
  • Research and scout suitable bridges
  • Produce 3D renderings
  • Design monster
  • Get Adam Savage on board
  • Check required permits for this project for selected bridges
  • Form a plan and calculate costs
  • Pitch this project as a publicity stunt to a movie studio, game developer or just someone that can make it happen

Want to help out?

If you feel like start scouting bridges or like to illustrate bridge monsters. Send me locations, pictures, illustrations or renders and I will update this article.